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Jumaat, 19 Oktober 2012


                                                            THE DUTCH AND PERAK
                                      Company and the next sultan of Perak, Muhammad or Mahmud shah.
                                            “Governor- General Petrus Albertus Van Der Parra”
                                                               October 17, 1765
Contract between the Dutch East India Company and Paduca Sri Sultan Muhammad Shah, King of Perak.

1.       An upright, true and everlasting confidence and friendship shall subsist between the contracting parties
2.       The King promise to deliver all the tin which his country produces exclusively to to the company.
3.       At the rate of C. 36 ½ or Spanish Dollars 11 1/3  lbs. per 125 lbs., or per bahar of 375 lbs. Spanish Dollars 34.
4.       The king promises to deliver the tin at the company’s factory where the same as well as what his subjects supply shall be weighed with the company’s scales and never to deviate from the rule.
5.       The king promises to take proper measures to prevent the smuggling of tin and interdict the exportation of the same, on pain of forfeiting vessel and cargo
6.       If any person were detected to export tin clandestinely, his vessal and cargo shall be confiscated and the produce be divided between the king and the company
7.       All vessels departing, those of the king and chiefs not excepted, shall touch at the factory and be visited there.
8.       If the crew of a foreign vessel were to commit hostile actions durin the visitation, the king and his subjects shall purse and seize the same and deliver them over to the company’s resident
9.       All European deserters shall be deserters shall be delivevered over to the residents and not be permitted to adopt the Muhammad religion
10.    The king promise to assist the dutch garrison on all occasions and not permit the equipment of pirate vessels
11.    The company engages to punish her servant and subjects who should couse any loss to his highness
12.    The king and company promise strictly to fulfill all the articles of this contract
13.    The king finally promise to publish the tenor of this contract throughtout his dominions

                                     signed, sealed in the kingdom of perak,
                                      in the island inderasakti, by a dutch commissioner and
                                      serveral deputies of his highness.

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